Nov 10, 2016

‘Lanka could’ve been in difficulties had Clinton won’ Featured

Sri Lanka could have been in a difficult situation had Hillary Clinton won the US presidency, says political analyst Dr. Dayan Jayatilake.

Donald Trump’s challenger received generous support from the Tamil diaspora, he has noted to Neth FM.

The victory by Trump could have direct and indirect impacts, mostly positive, for Sri Lanka, according to him.

Hopes of the racists in the north were dashed by his win, Jayatilake said.

Political lessons for Lanka

Sri Lanka could learn several political lessons from the outcome of the US presidential election, he said, noting that Clinton’s defeat was based on the same strategy that led to the political change on 08 January 2015.

The belief that uniting all the minorities and claiming a minority in the majority is enough for victory was defeated, he said.

That is the very same perception followed by Chandrika Kumaratunga, said Jayatilake.

Coconut dashing politicians now go behind Trump

Meanwhile, TNA’s northern provincial councilor M.K. Sivajilingam says they would seek Trump’s support to win Tamils’ rights within a united Sri Lanka.

On November, Sivajilingam carried out a dashing of coconuts at Nallur Kovil in Jaffna to seek blessings for Clinton.

Saying that he respected the democratic decision by the US citizens, the councilor hoped Trump would not have any animosity towards Sri Lankan Tamils due to their having supported Clinton.

Pictures below show the coconut dashing in support of Clinton: