Aug 06, 2017

Ravi to take a decision Featured

Minister Ravi Karunanayake says he will take a decision after considering all implications against him over the Central Bank bond issues, although they are all aimed at character assassination.

He has told Neth News that neither the president nor the prime minister had asked him to resign from his position as the foreign affairs minister.

Karunanayake has, meanwhile, told Reuters that the president had not raised the matter with him.

Requests made for him to resign

Meanwhile, UPFA general secretary Mahinda Amaraweera says most SLFP ministers and MPs have asked the president to inform Karunanayake to resign.

UNP ministers and MPs have made a similar request from the prime minister, he claims.

Meanwhile, a newspaper run by a government minister reports quoting sources close to Karunanayake that he will resign over the allegations against him and the no-confidence motion moved against him.

‘Ravi should not resign’

However, minister Sarath Fonseka says attempts should not be made to destroy politicians who had fought in the frontline to bring in good governance.

Noting that Karunanayake is also a wealthy businessman, and that he should be found guilty before the law, Fonseka says there is no need for him to resign.