Nov 12, 2016

Diesel out of Coconut refuse and algae: Ruhunu University Featured

As a solution to the fuel crisis, a group of researchers from the Ruhunu University have come up with a method of producing diesel out of used coconut scrapings and algae.

The researchers were able to produce the bio diesel as a result of a production experiment that commenced in 2008, said senior lecturer at the Mapalana agriculture faculty, Chintha Rupasinghe.

She said through this method the team had produced bio diesel previously using coconut oil and Weta Endaru but since no food items are permitted to be used to produce fuel, the team had used coconut scrapings that are discarded after the milk is extracted for the purpose of producing the bio diesel.

Rupasinghe said algae varieties from various parts of the country are being grown at the university for this project while the resulting bio diesel is similar to the normal diesel.

The researchers were hopeful that the bio diesel produced in this manner could be used as fuel in the future providing a solution to the energy crisis.