Nov 12, 2016

Housing Authority preparing for a 600 million theft Featured

Exclusive - The Housing Authority management is said to be making arrangements to grant promotions to 183 employees, flouting all stipulated procedures, claiming that they had been victims of ‘political vengeance’, totally disregarding a Supreme Court ruling.

This defiant act by the Chairman and senior management of the Authority under the directions of the Housing Minister, is costing the Housing Authority over Rs. 600 million in losses.

The Treasury has warned that in the event the Housing authority is compelled to undergo such a loss its financial stability would be at stake.

Among the group that has been selected to receive promotions and compensation, are those who had already received promotions in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2012, according to internal sources.

Further among this group selected for promotion are some who had been interdicted over financial misappropriation and other wrongful acts.

JSS Chairman and Secretary on the list too

It is a surprising factor that among those who were allegedly subjected to political vengeance, recommended by the committee appointed on the recommendations of the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya (JSS) for promotions and compensation, are the names of the JSS Chairman and the Secretary.

This secretary of the JSS had been interdicted from the Authority for misappropriation of over Rs. 2.5 million from the welfare society.

The legal proceedings in regard to this fraud is still in progress, but the current Housing Minister had reinstated him having paid him salaries in arrears as well.

This officer who was a vii – I grade technical officer, according to the recommendations of the minister was granted promotions effective from 2005 to the post of iv grade manager and iii grade senior Manager post from 2010, and his promotions and salary arrears were granted on the orders of the minister.

Accordingly this officer is to receive around Rs. 3 million in salary arrears, it is said.

This officer who possess only O/L qualifications, is not eligible to hold a managerial post.
He is also alleged to have illegally occupied a land belonging to the Housing Authority in Maligawatte, it is reported.

Further the JSS Chairman who is currently a vi grade manager has received recommendations from the minister to be promoted to a iv grade manager and is eligible to receive the relevant salary arrears of over Rs. One million.

He is currently being paid a iv grade acting manager’s allowance and have also been given an official vehicle that is not a privilege of his post.

The supplies Manager is also included in the list of recommended promotions but he too is under investigation by the FCID on allegations of financial misappropriation.

This officer who is currently a grade v Manager is recommended to be promoted to the position of a grade iii Assistant General Manager and the salary arrears due to him is around Rs. 4 million.

Among those recommended for promotions are four persons who had been interdicted for misappropriation of Welfare Association funds.

The Secretary and the four others are respondents in the legal proceedings in progress, but with the new government taking office, they have all been reinstated with salary arrears.

According to the Housing Authority employees this is a fraudulent act of the government to grant financial benefits and reinstate their supporters on the pretext of providing justice to victims of ‘political vengeance’ as decided by the cabinet on March 02, this year.