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Nov 14, 2016

Rs. 4.5 billion loss due to Thalatha’s pact Featured

Sri Lanka is set to lose a Rs. 4.5 billion income due to a new agreement to send housemaids to the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, say foreign employment agencies.

According to the agreement signed between the Foreign Employment Ministry and KSA, the 5,000 US dollar fee charged from an employer has come down to 1,560 US dollars.

It will come into effect on 01 January next year.

Agreement signed secretly

Secretary of the licensed foreign employment agents association Vijaya Undupitiya said they had not been informed by subject minister Thalatha Athukorale, who had signed the agreement secretly.

The minister should take responsibility for the loss of Rs. 4.5 billion, he said.

Had we been informed in advance, a method to recover the loss would have been proposed, said Undupitiya.

36,000 housemaids to KSA each year

Around 36,000 housemaids are sent by Sri Lanka to KSA each year.

He also said the association would have proposed a bonus for housemaids completing the two year contract period.

Attempts to contact minister Athukorale failed as she did not respond to the telephone calls.


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