Aug 30, 2017

Cameras in buses to prevent sexual harassment of women Featured

Special measures will be taken to prevent sexual harassment of women in public transport, said ASP Meryl Perera.

Addressing a seminar organized by the National Council on Road Safety, he said two surveillance cameras each would be installed in every bus.

Also, women officers will be deployed to deal with complaints by women.

Raids will be conducted when informed to the police emergency no. 119, he said.

The Council said the measures had to be taken as women have shown reluctance to pursue legal action over sexual harassment.

A survey by the UN Population Fund has revealed that 90 per cent of women are sexually harassed while using public transport.

But, only four pc of them seek police action against the culprits.

Also, 60 pc of women are unaware that sexual harassment is an offence punishable by the law.