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Nov 14, 2016

Negombo police helpless due to powers of Lansa family Featured

Negombo police are in a very difficult situation due to influences by the Lansa family who have become the leading, but notorious, political figures in the area, say police sources.

Police are yet to respond to court notice to inform whether deputy mayor Dayan Lansa was behind the assault on journalist Freddie Gamage.

However, investigations have already confirmed that the deputy mayor was connected to the incident.

Gamage was attacked when he went to cover proceedings of the Negombo municipal council’s monthly meeting.

Dayan Lansa protects assaulters

He was assaulted by municipal workers Thushan and Suranga, who were on duty at the time.

According to administration regulations, a person remanded over an assault charge can be reinstated in the job only after being acquitted by courts.

However, Dayan Lansa made sure that they returned to their jobs soon after.

Fate of the policemen who raided brothel

Meanwhile, whereabouts are unknown of three policemen, who had raided a brothel employing under-aged girls and said to be owned by the deputy mayor.

One of them, constable Dissanayake has reportedly fled the country to save his life.

The others are sergeant Fernando and constable Satharasinghe.

Political analysts say that irrespective of whether the Lansas are in the government or not, they rule Negombo.

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