Sep 03, 2017

Thusira suspends head of programmes

Employees of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation are planning a strike tomorrow (04) to protest the suspension of head of programmes Jaya Sri Wijeratne in an authoritarian manner by director general Thusira Melewwetantri, reports say.

When contacted, SLRC chairman Ravi Jayawardena said he was not aware of Wijeratne’s suspension.

According to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror, not even the SLRC director board is aware of the DG’s action.

Counting around 34 years of service at SLRC, Wijeratne was promoted the head of programmes a month ago, and he is due to retire in about six months’ time.

Why he was suspended

The reason is for his suspension is said to be that the SLRC had not carried a live telecast of the opening of Edex expo exhibition that opened at the SLECC in Colombo yesterday (02).

The electronic media sponsor for the exhibition is SLRC and Melewwetantri had been exerting pressure to carry a live telecast, giving his presence prominence.

Chief guest on the occasion was minister Sagala Ratnayake.

Melewwetantri had wanted to give extensive publicity to the event in order to get his son admitted to Royal College, Colombo next year, SLRC employees say.

Both Melewwetantri and Ratnayake studied at Royal College, Colombo.

The DG has reprimanded Wijeratne in a very base manner for not telecasting the exhibition live, saying that he could do anything at SLRC.

Employees criticize it

He claimed he was appointed by president Maithripala Sirisena, as he appeared for the government in court cases against Basil Rajapaksa.

SLRC employees criticize this act, which comes at a time when the cabinet completes two years tomorrow.

Following is how SLRC news carried news about the exhibition: