Sep 05, 2017

Shots fired at Welikada main witness’s home!

The house at Moratuwa, Puranappu Raja Mawatha, of a key witness in the Welikada prison riot, Sudesh Nandimal, in which 27 prisoners were killed, was shot at last night (04) around 11 pm.

There are signs of gun shots on the gate of his house and Nandimal had been sleeping inside the house at the time of the attack.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of Campaign for Free and Fair Elections Keerthi Tennakoonissuing a statement said it has been repeatedly proven that similar to the previous government, the current government too is attempting to cover up the Welikada prison incident.

In his letter Tennakoon further stated that security should be provided for the key witness while the suspect police officers should be arrested and investigations should be initiated against them.

He said the current government had concealed the Welikada massacre report for over two years during the tenure of Justice Minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe.

The press release further stated;

On November 11, 2012 a group of security personnel had entered the prison with a list of names of prisoners on the instructions of a senior officer, selected these prisoners and shot them in the head having made them kneel.

Eyewitnesses had notified their relatives and lawyers of what they had seen.

Nandimal is the key witness in this case. The civil organizations and media have been reporting this incident relentlessly. Nandimal too had staged protests and even provided information to the security personnel and have named the suspects very specifically in his evidence.

Yesterday, the police unit for the protection of witnesses victims had recorded a statement from Nandimal.

Nandimal who had been interdicted from the Railway Department was reinstated recently. He was initially transferred to Kandy by the Chief Engineer of Railways, Nilantha Fernando.

However, as there was suspicion that he was to be killed in Kandy, he had not reported for work there. Nandimal had lodged a complaint with the CID that he was threatened by a Railways officer saying he was trying to send former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to prison and why he was so concerned about a bunch of prisoners.

After he lodged this complaint, Nandimal was assigned to duties in Colombo, but he had filed an appeal claiming that his life was not safe there too.

Having investigated his claims, the Prime Minister’s office had issued instructions last week to reinstate Nandimal at his previous work station at the Maligawatte locomotive operations service.

The writ petition filed at the Appeals Court by Nandimal is scheduled to be taken up for hearing on September 12. The complaint he had lodged at the CID was taken up for hearing yesterday (05) at the police witnesses and victims protection unit. Having given evidence, Nandimal had returned home and was sleeping when this attack was launched.

For almost five years now, no proper investigation has been launched by the governments do far. Further not even disciplinary action had been taken with regard to the police officers implicated in the Welikada murder. Although the CaFE organization had repeatedly asked the government to provide safety to the witnesses of this massacre, the government has only been protecting the perpetrators so far.

Therefore the café Director further urged the government to provide protection for the witnesses in this case and arrest these police officers who are implicated in it.