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Nov 15, 2016

Sugar shortage due to cocaine smuggling Featured

A Customs delay in the clearance of imported sugar has created a shortage of the commodity in the local market, BBC Sandeshaya reports.

The delay is due to investigations into information, and the subsequent detection of  cocaine being smuggled into the country concealed in sugar containers.

Customs chief Chulananda Perera admits the delay in the release of the sugar imported from Brazil.

The Police Narcotics Bureau has to check each and every sugar container, leading to the delay, he says.

Since both sugar and cocaine have the same density, the Customs finds it difficult to differentiate between the two through scanners, says Perera.

Noting that around 1,300 containers arrive in the country each day, the Customs chief says it is a very tedious and difficult task to check all of them.

Importers have been advised to use the GPS technology in order to minimize the delays, he adds.

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