Sep 09, 2017

Gypsies’ Sunil insists on paying income tax! Featured

Gypsies leader Sunil Perera has gone to the Department of Inland Revenue last January, shown them figures of his total income and insisted that he should pay income tax, IRD sources say.

Until then, he had been paying tax for his income as a member of the music group only.

Sunil showed Dept. officials that he had certain other avenues of income, and insisted that he be taxed for them as well.

The IRD had not known those details until then.

Rs. six million with arrears

Sources said Sunil then had to pay income tax as well as a fine of Rs. six million for the years 2014 and 2015.

When he said that he could not pay that much at once, he was given a concessionary period of 12 months to pay the fine.

Since then, he has been paying the arrears as well as the fine at the rate of Rs. 500,000 a month.

Sunil has started paying income tax following the formation of Gypsies.

Now, other members of the group, too, have to pay tax after the IRD came to know their incomes as its members, through Sunil.