Sep 10, 2017

Is Gota Iraj’s 2020 dream? Featured

Iraj Weeraratne has launched his latest song ‘Manamali 2 – Podida Indan Thurule Nidan’.

Veteran musicians say Iraj’s music videos have become popular not due to his singing or music, but due to the visuals that depict women’s nudity.

They give ‘Ashawari’ and ‘Giniyam Re’ as examples and say his understanding of the internet demand is at a high level.

A singer who wished to remain anonymous said Iraj has used a political topic relating to the 2020 presidential election for his latest song, which goes as:

Presidential election 2020

GR – 68.71% and RW 29.01%

Many say GR means Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, but Iraj says it could also be Gunadasa Rajapaksa.


Iraj’s response

However, Iraj denies it to be so and says it is merely what could be expected when watching television in 2020.

He last sang his own song in 2013, and until now only made songs for others.

Given below is his latest song:

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