Sep 10, 2017

Argument is fatal for power devolution - CaFFE Featured

The argument that the 20th amendment to the constitution can be adopted with a two-third parliamentary majority will be ‘fatal’ for the devolution of power, says CaFFE.

Its executive director Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon says so in a statement he has issued under the heading ‘Can the provincial council system under the 13th amendment be amended by a 2/3 parliamentary majority?’

He says the adoption of the 20th amendment only through a two-third parliamentary majority will be the first step to destroy the concept of devolution of power, annual the PC system and centralize powers to Colombo.

The government is giving this plain argument to avoid facing a referendum on putting off the PC polls, according to him.

Those who were for the PC system and those who killed people for casting votes then are today recognizing the PC system and representing it, but are looking for its demolition at the first opportunity, says Tennakoon.

He adds that it is the responsibility of the supporters and followers of the namesake leftists, TNA and other minority parties as well as the civil society activists who are overcome by good governance and faking sleep to convince their leaders that an adoption of the 20th amendment with a two-third majority will be the first step to annul the PC system.