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Nov 16, 2016

Sri Lanka forges ahead with the E-Government Procurement

Sri Lanka forges ahead with the implementation of E-Government Procurement system that enables businesses and reduces wastage in public funds.

Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) system will be following the establishment of an Independent Procurement Commission under the 19th Amendment of the Constitution.

It would help increased transparency, easy access to information, increased competition and lower cost, official sources said.

The World Bank, ADB and other development partners recommend the introduction of electronic procurement as they are willing to provide technical assistance to implement e-GP in Sri Lanka.
The issue of E-Government Procurement is a topic that has significant implications both for the business community and the government. E-Government Procurement involves the automation of the various stages of the procurement process on a central platform.

As evidenced from experiences in other countries (including those in South Asia), implementing E-Government Procurement has the potential to result in significant cost savings and efficiency gains both for businesses and for government.

Verité Research has conducted a comprehensive research on this issue and it has made recommendations on the topic of E-Government Procurement. The research findings highlighted constraints in the existing procurement process and identify the potential benefits of introducing E-Government Procurement systems in Sri Lanka.

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