The Bahrain-flagged ship The Bahrain-flagged ship
Sep 22, 2017

Bahrainian ship confined to Colombo port for 3 months! Featured

A Bahrain-flagged ship is confined to Colombo port for nearly three months now following court action by the ship’s crew demanding salary arrears, reports.

The ‘Sanad’ is owned by Tylos Shipping and Marine Services of Manama, said the International Transport Workers Federation inspector (Sri Lanka) Ranjan Perera.

2 cases filed in Colombo

Two cases have been filed in Colombo against the owner, one in the commercial high court on 06 September over the non-payment of salaries of the 13-member crew, according to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

A Shipping Ministry spokesman said the ship with four Myanmarese, five Indian and four Jordanian crew was in their custody following an arrest order by courts.

Salary arrears amount to more than 600,000 dollars, and some crew members have not been paid for one year, reports say.

Local agent seeks services fees

The ship’s local agent, Aruna Maritime too, has filed a case against Tylos Shipping and Marine Services seeking services fees of over 75,000 USD due to them.

A marine services firm of Amman, Jordan has suspended providing management services too, over non-payment of services fees.

The ship had left Krishnapatnam port in Tamil Nadu on May 30 for Colombo.

Attempts to contact owner of Tylos Shipping and Marine Services, Yusif Salman BinSanad were unsuccessful.

A second ship of this company, which owns a fleet of four, is detained at Salalah port in Oman as well since September 09 over a payment issue.