Sep 22, 2017

Cabinet should be limited to 30 – SLFP Featured

The cabinet should be limited to 30 members and the deputy ministers too, should not exceed that number, proposes the SLFP.

The constitution should spell out the subjects of the ministries, the party has recommended to the steering committee of the Constitutional Assembly.

The SLFP has also proposed that a senate comprising 19 MPs and 36 provincial councilors be formed.

Its senior vice president Nimal Siripala de Silva said the party had presented a set of progressive proposals.

These proposals have been included the interim report of the committee that was released yesterday (21).

SLFP doesn’t oppose devolution of powers

Speaking to the media at the parliamentary complex later in the day, de Silva said they also proposed a mixed electoral system and a 25 pc women representation in parliament.

The SLFP is agreeable to the devolution of powers ensuring equality for all communities and recognizing the unitary status of the country.

The party will support a new constitution with the continuation of the presidency, de Silva told the CC previously.