Sep 27, 2017

Borella fraudulent medical centre not ours- Health Scan

The article published by us “Illegal Medical Centre in Borella” drew the attention of Dr. Manori Samarakone the owner of Health Scan (Pvt) Ltd, who telephoned and emailed us stating that her company had no involvement in the issue.

She also emailed us an ID confirming her status as a Specialist Consultant and also a certificate authenticating the legality of the institution.

She also denied the report in the article stating that she was the head of a stock broking company.

The relevant ID and certificate is published below:

Editor’s note –
We once again consulted the Health Ministry regarding this news and a Spokesman confirmed that they had received a complaint that an illegal medical centre was being operated without proper standards in close proximity to Tickle road in Borella.

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