Sep 30, 2017

Increasing of tobacco tax a hoax? : Challenge to Minister Rajitha

Due to the decision to raise the taxes on tobacco in October-November 2016, the greater advantage was for the government, as proved by the statistics. This news was published by the Sri Lanka Mirror and it is reported that Minister Rajitha Senaratne and his son Chathura Senaratne have been disturbed by this news.

We compiled the said article upon investigating the news item that was published in the ‘Ada’ newspaper titled ‘Who is responsible for the misleading information regarding the cigarette taxes”.

Due to us publishing this article the minister had pressured the companies advertising with us to withdraw the advertisements, but instead we opted to remove the advertisements without putting the relevant company authorities into a difficult situation.

Other web sites that had picked up our news on the fraud in the cigarette taxes too had come under pressure from the minister and his son and the relevant news article and the news article from the initial source had been removed.

However, the information contained in the article was found to be accurate and we challenge the minister to prove them wrong.

We publish below the article that was initially published in the ‘Ada’ web site.


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