Oct 01, 2017

‘Protest meant to cover up rape of Rohingya girl’ Featured

CaFFE and CHR executive director Keerthi Tennakoon describes the violent protest at Mt. Lavinia against Rohingya refugees rather as an attempt to cover up the rape of a Rohingya girl.

In a statement, Tennakoon says participants of the demonstration were the family members and friends of the policeman resposible for raping the girl while under immigration and emigration care at Mirihana.

Rapist’s identity

The ‘B’ report submitted to courts gives the name of the culprit as D.P.G. Gunawardena.

Witnesses identified him at an identification parade and he has been remanded and suspended from service by the police as well.

The two main witnesses are the victim and her cousin Mohamed Amin.

Using a woman, Nihara (45) who knows the Hindi language and serves as a cleaner at the Mirihana camp, Gunawardena had bound the Rohingya girl and raped her one whole night, according to the statement.

Police were informed, but UN officials and lawyers were not allowed to talk to her.

Woman who aided in the crime freed

Nihara and another woman were released.

The culprits are trying to see that the refugees are out of the country.

Police are searching for another suspect, an ex-policeman named Prageeth Chanaka Gunatilake.

A group of monks too, participated in the protest for political reasons.

One of them had led the protest.

The statement also questions as to why these refugees are being sent to high security prison cells at Boossa.

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