Oct 02, 2017

Buddhists can best practice reconciliation - Mangala Featured

Buddhists are the group who can best practise reconciliation, says finance and media minister Mangala Samaraweera.

From the time we were small, we learnt to say ‘may all beings be happy, free of suffering and healthy’, not ‘may Buddhists be happy, free of suffering and be healthy’ or ‘may Sinhalese be happy, free of suffering and be healthy’, he says.

Samaraweera was speaking at a function in Matara today (02) to mark world habitat day.

He also said that when a minister accused of corruption resigned to prove his innocence, some thought the government was going to collapse.

But, that showed how strong the government is and how democracy prevails in the country, he said.

Housing minister Sajith Premadasa was also present at the event, where ownership deeds, housing loans, certificates etc. were handed over.

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