Oct 04, 2017

‘Dinamina’ article on Basil’s north visit, a falsehood - SLPP Featured

The government has become frightened in the face of the unprecedented public response to Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna during Basil Rajapaksa’s tour of the north, the SLPP says in a statement.

It says this fear has been further confirmed by an article carried by state-run ‘Dinamina’ yesterday (04) that quotes him as saying the military had committed crimes.

Stressing the article is completely false, the statement goes onto say that no proof it needed, since the article has been carried without a byline.

It says the SLPP will not be concerned by it, as it is the birth-habit of rulers to distort the truth and mislead the public.

However, the party says it cannot remain silent in the face of fabricating news to take public attention elsewhere while the country is faced with disasters.

War heroes committed no war crimes

It reiterates the war heroes had committed no war crimes, and the SLPP will unconditionally appear on behalf of their dignity and safety anywhere in this universe today and tomorrow.

However, the government has branded them as barbaric murderers, it says, adding that getting its cabinet members to remark so makes it its official stand.

Taking revenge from war heroes is a secret election promise of the government, it says.

A constitution not seen by president

That goes in line with a government attempt to formulate a constitution to endanger the peace and national unity built amidst difficulties.

The interim report on the constitution, said to have been drafted in consultation with all parties, has not seen at least by the president.

Fabricated news cannot cover up the government’s corrupt, unethical journey against democracy by selling national assets, repressing monks and other nationalist forces, destroying the national economy and betraying the country internationally.

Demanding the government not to deny the public its democratic opportunities, the SLPP urges the rulers to wake up from its dream that the public can be misled by falsehoods.

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