Oct 05, 2017

‘Protest against Rohingya refugees, a conspiracy’ (video) Featured

‘Mawbima Wenwen Ranaviruwo’ alleges a conspiracy behind the violent protest that took place in front of a house at Mt. Lavinia where Rohingya refugees from Myanmar were being kept.

Convener of the organization, lawyer Ajith Prasanna told the media yesterday (04) the police constable G.N.J.D.  (Vaas) Gunasekara, a rapist, masterminded the conspiracy.

That PC was on duty at the detention centre on 18 June 2017 and he had taken one of the refugee women, Fatima Catoon, to a lodge and raped her, said Prasanna.

This same policeman was previously accused of sexually abusing a British woman who had been kept at the detention centre at Mirihana over a tattoo she was having in her body.

Both incidents are being referred to courts, he said, adding the punishment would be a prison term of 10 to 15 years.

But, this policeman organized a protest, claiming the refugees to be terrorists, and had they been deported, evidence would be lost and both cases rejected, Prasanna pointed out.

He urged the attorney general to take action against Gunasekara.

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