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Nov 18, 2016

Parliament to have 240 MPs! Featured

The new constitution proposes an increase in the number of MPs to 240.

One hundred of them will be elected under the first-past-the-post system, while the other 100 will be elected under the proportional representation system.

The parliament has seating facilities for 240 MPs, and the presently number stands at 225.

Subcommittee proposals tomorrow

Meanwhile, the six subcommittees on a new constitution are due to submit their reports tomorrow (19).

The constitution formulation council headed by the prime minister has appointed these subcommittees on human rights, judiciary, public service, state finances, relations between the centre and the local government bodies, and law and order.

The new constitution is being formulated by a constitutional council, headed by the speaker and comprising the all 225 MPs.

The PM is to submit a report in early December on the devolution of powers, electoral system, powers of the executive and the nature of the state.

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