Oct 16, 2017

Only 6,000 doctors pay income tax Featured

The Department of Inland Revenue is to closely scrutinize all citizens above the age of 18 years to make them income tax payers, ‘Ada’ reports.

It will carry out this task in collaboration with 35 state agencies, including banks, Departments of Registration of Persons and Motor Traffic and the Credit Information Bureau.

Each citizen will have a file to his or her name, national identity card number and the residential address.

This is part of the government measures to raise direct tax income from the present 20 per cent to 40 pc and reduce indirect tax income from the present 80 to 60 pc.

It intends doubling income tax revenue from the present Rs. 625 billion to Rs. 1,200 billion by 2020.

The Department has organized a series of meetings for professionals, exporters, producers etc., starting with one for tuition class owners and teachers on October 24, to encourage them to pay income tax.

According to the Department, only around 6,000 out of the 39,000 registered doctors have income tax files maintained to their names.

This is common among other professionals too.

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