Oct 21, 2017

Sangha dispute conspiracy at a temple in Maharagama! Featured

Instigating a false protest against the new Constitution interim report, an anti-government force is forming with the leadership of the clergy at a temple in Maharagama.

This temple is an institution is being run by a cast foundation.

Information has been revealed that this movement is headed by an extremist representative Gevindu Kumaratunge and former minister Milinda Moragoda.

This foundation is mainly funded by foreign aid and its lead by several Buddhist monks, it was further revealed.

However, several Buddhist temples in the same Maharagama area are against this movement.

Opposition to secret operation:

During a dialogue held in this regard the majority of the Buddhist monks have questioned as to how they could oppose a new Constitution when it has been clearly proven that there are issues with the current Constitution.

These monks have pointed out that if there are unacceptable sections of the new Constitution these can be revised through discussions, but have said they are not in favour of having these secret operations against the government, according to reliable sources.

These sources further added that the initial steps for this movement is being carried out by Milinda Moragoda and Gevindu Kumaratunge and they are planning a massive media campaign in the near future.

All expenses for this movement and its propaganda work are said to be borne by the former minister’s foundation, it is reported.