Oct 30, 2017

Prasanna, Upali remanded again (Pics)

Thirty-one suspects of the 32 suspects who were arrested over the protest in Hambantota on October 6 including MP Prasanna Ranaweera have been further remanded until November 03 by the Hambantota Magistrate Manjula Karunaratne today (30).

Only one of the suspects who were produced in Court today was granted bail, as lawyers proved to Court that he was a 15-year-old student identified as Mushan Ahmed.

The suspects who staged the protest on October 6  against the Mattala Airport being leased to India, were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly, causing damage to public property, and violating a court order . Therefore, 40 protestors including MP Namal rajapaksa were arrested and produced in Court and remanded until October 16.

However, when the case was taken up on October 16, Joint Opposition MP  Namal Rajapaksa, DV Chanaka, Provincial Councillor Sampath Atukorala and five others were granted bail based on special circumstances.

But, 32 suspects including MP Prasanna Ranaweera, Western Provincial Councillor Upali Kodikara and  Major  Ajith  Prasanna were remanded until today (30).

Accordingly, when the case was taken up at the Hambantota Majistrate’s Court today (30), only one of them was granted bail while the rest of those arrested were ordered to be remanded again until November 03 by the Hambantota Magistrate.