Nov 04, 2017

Cancer injection charges further reduced: Rajitha continues work Featured

Due to breaking the monopoly of cancer drug imports, Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne has been able to further reduce the prices of cancer injections and other drugs, the Health Ministry stated.

Prior to this, only one company was registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority to import cancer injections and other essential drugs. Therefore, the government was compelled to purchase these medications imported by them at any price they set.

By 2015, the price per vial of cancer injection was $ 2,300, but by ending this company monopoly, the government was able to reduce the cost of this drug to around $ 1800-1300.

Lower prices by Hetero Drugs, India!

Meanwhile, a prominent Indian drug company has informed the Health Minister Dr. Senaratne that it could supply the relevant injection at $260.

When we contacted the Health Ministry Secretary Janaka Sugathadasa on how the government plans on importing cancer drugs at lower prices, he said stopping the drug monopoly was beneficial for the government.

He pointed out that while there was only one company that was manipulating the cancer drug market earlier, now there are three companies registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority, enabling the government to obtain these drugs required for treatment of cancer patients at a competitive rate.