Nov 10, 2017

Radhakrishnan at crossroads!

A decision would be taken whether he would remain as the State Education Minister will be taken after the Education Department expenditure statement is announced, said State Education Minister V. Radhakrishnan.

The Education Ministry expenditure statement is scheduled to be taken up for debate on November 23.

Issuing a special statement to the media Minister Radhakrishnan said although he is the State Education Minister, officials at the ministry are not cooperating with him.

In his efforts with regard to the Tamil language many issues had arisen he said, adding that despite several meetings he had with the Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, no solution was received.

As he had not received a favourable response from the Education Minister, Radhakrishnan had met with the President who had instructed him to discuss the matter with the Prime Minister. Although he had then also met with the Prime Minister and discussed his issues, no favourable response was received, which had prompted him to take stern action.

Radhakrishnan said he was able to serve better while being education minister of the Central province despite being appointed as the State Education Minister now. He added that a firm decision would be taken based on the outcome of a special meeting with the Upcountry Peoples Front tomorrow (11).

However, he said even if he decides to resign from his post, he would still remain with the government as he had contributed greatly to bring in this government to power.