Police opened fire Police opened fire
Nov 12, 2017

Youth killed in police firing at lorry transporting stolen bananas Featured

A 20-year-old youth was killed in Ambalantota in the early hours of last morning (11) when police fired at a lorry that had ignored an order to stop.

The lorry driver and another person had dumped the injured youth at Habaraththawala and fled.

Later, they surrendered to Ambalantota police through lawyers.

The incident occurred during a special anti-crime operation ordered by the IGP and took place between 11.00 am on November 10 and 3.00 am on the following day.

Around 50 policemen had been deployed in Ambalantota for the operation.

The lorry involved in the incident

They had ordered a motorcyclist who had been without a helmet, to stop.

The lorry transporting stolen bananas had passed immediately thereafter and did not stop despite being signaled to do so.

It had proceeding while shooting at the police, which returned the fire, according to Ambalantota police.

The fleeing men had dumped the fatally wounded youth and the bananas.