Nov 12, 2017

Details emerge of fatal Double Cab crash

(UPDATE) Fate had taken a group of students of Royal College, Colombo to Rajagiriya to buy food cheaply when the speeding Double Cab carrying them met with a fatal crash, according to Neth FM.

One boy died and nine other injured in the incident around 1.00 am today (12).

After attending a school event with regard to an exhibition, 11 of the boys had taken a ride in the Double Cab and a car to the night hotel on the road to Nawala, according to a survivor.

Thereafter, after dropping one boy at IDH, they had been returning to Rajagiriya when the speeding Double Cab skidded off the road and hit a building.

The car that was following it crashed into the Double Cab.

As the occupants tried to get out of the vehicles, debris of the wall had collapsed on them.

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1 killed, 7 injured in vehicle crash

A cab carrying students of Royal College, Colombo crashed into a wall at Silva Lane, Rajagiriya around 1.00 am today (12), killing one and injuring seven.

The condition of four of the injured is serious, said the police spokesman.

The student who drove the vehicle had failed to control the speed and it had crashed into the wall.

They had been returning from a function at their school when the incident occurred.