Nov 13, 2017

Kasippu racketeers try to bribe Mangala! Featured

North western province’s racketeers of the illicit brew Kasippu had tried to give a Rs. 50 million bribe to finance minister Mangala Samaraweera to get the budget-reduced beer price raised, ‘Mawbima’ reports.

The attempt had been made through the personal staff of the minister.

The beer price was reduced due to the introduction, through budget 2018, of excise tax based on the alcohol content.

As a result, many who had used to consume Kasippu have now turned to beer, causing a likely decrease in the sale of the illicit brew, racketeers fear.

During the budget debate, a government minister predicted that Samaraweera would not be able to achieve his intention by reducing the beer price.

However, the Kasippu racketeers thought otherwise and tried to bribe the minister.

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