Nov 13, 2017

Air ticket-bribe to release cat brought into SL? Featured

A top female official of the animal and plant quarantine institute has accepted a bribe to clear a cat that was brought into the country illegally, reports say.

The official received two air tickets by the Turkish Airlines from its General Manager in Sri Lanka - Murat Baydar, who had brought the cat to Sri Lanka on board flight BK 730 on November 03.

The cat was taken into the custody of the unit’s officials, but the female official intervened and got the animal cleared. 

It is said that she had done so in return for two business class tickets to any country.

Meanwhile, two dogs brought in by a Sri Lankan who had returned from employment in Korea were seized by the unit on November 07.

When contacted, director of the responsible authority, the Animal Production and Health Department R.M. Ariyadasa said that Mr. Baydar had informed them in advance that he would be bringing a cat into the country.

However, the unit’s officials seized the animal by mistake, and released it later, he said.

But, the Sri Lankan returning from Korea has not made any such notification in advance, said Ariyadasa.