Nov 14, 2017

UNP organiser who tried to meet a minister 28 times

Having obtained 48,000 votes himself, he has had to try around 28 times to meet certain ministers and still failed to meet some of them, said Chandralal Abeygunawardena who was removed from his Habaraduwa UNP organiser post

He said this joining the Habaraduwa Development Committee meeting.

He further said, “I had worked for this electorate for the past 2 ½ years and I was unaware that I had been removed from my post. However, I had given three resignation letters prior to that.”

“When Minister Chandima Weerakkody could give around 300 jobs in the Habaraduwa electorate, perhaps through his cleverness, I could only give two jobs. I admit he is the Minister but I was the organiser. All I got from my party was two jobs. Although some claimed that I had given these jobs to outsiders, in fact I gave these two jobs to those in the Habaraduwa electorate. Now they claim that I am not capable, but I have worked tirelessly for this electorate. Chandima Weerakkody is a very clever person I agree. I locked horns with him earlier, but then I worked together with him,” he said.

“This is just a temporary departure. I engage in politics with a down to earth political leader. It could be with the JVP or could be with Minister Chandima or could even be with the former President or Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. However doing politics with governments is useless if I cannot meet a minister after 28 attempts being someone who had obtained 48,000 votes,” added Chandralal Abeygunawardena.