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Nov 21, 2017

No change despite govt. change - FMM Featured

The Free Media Movement says it has to continue with its slogan of justice for slain and harassed journalists 25 years after it was first made.

FMM convener C. Dodawatte has told BBC Sandeshaya on the sidelines of a function in Colombo to mark their 25th anniversary that the present government has not listened to its call for the appointment of a presidential commission to investigate these crimes.

The FMM was party to the campaign that saw Maithripala Sirisena was elected president in 2015.

He said the FMM was not satisfied at all with the government’s conduct in the past three or so years in dealing with crimes against the media.

Successive governments made promises in their election manifestos, but they act disinterested after coming to power.

Appoint a presidential commission

‘Not satisfied with the investigations’

The FMM, in a statement to mark its anniversary, repeats its call for a presidential commission of inquiry into deliberate crimes against journalists in Sri Lanka.

Also, the government is yet to make an official announcement with regard to censorship of websites, like its predecessor did.

However, its spokesmen have been saying that websites that publish false and insulting remarks should be banned.

Responding, Dodawatte said any violation of the law or ethics should be dealt with in accordance with an appropriate mechanism only.

Censorship is a regressive solution, he said.

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