Dec 11, 2017

JO leaders accuse Basil over Sriyani’s desertion Featured

MEP MP for Digamadulla district Sriyani Wijewickrama of the joint opposition yesterday (10) met president Maithripala Sirisena and extended her support to him.

Meeting the president at President’s House, she said she would join with his programme and engage in political activities.

Leaders of affiliate parties, including the MEP, say her leaving the JO is due to the authoritarian conduct of Basil Rajapaksa, national organizer of Sri Lanka Podujana Party, and are at talks to take a decision against him.

Previously too, several JO activists, including three NFF politicians, left and that too, is blamed on Basil.

The latest discussions come after complaints to Mahinda Rajapaksa against Basil have gone ignored.

Weakening them from making demands

They are worried by Basil’s devious moves to weaken the JO affiliate parties and weaken them from making demands.
Reports say they will take a decision before the upcoming local government polls and until such time, will demand that a reasonable number of their members are given nominations to contest the LG polls.