Dec 12, 2017

Bus tickets for five MPs to go home?

The President of the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association Gemunu Wijeretne said five ministers of the Good Governance regime should resign if a solution to the traffic congestion cannot be given.

He said although it’s been three years since the good governance regime came into power, it has failed to provide a solution to the traffic congestion issue. Therefore, he said the Transport Minister, Law and Order, Western Development, Finance and Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministers should resign from their posts and hand over the duty to others who could do it better.

One and a half hours to travel just one km

He said although a bus lane was introduced for the busses to travel with ease, it is not being operated properly and it takes around one to one and a half hours to travel 06 km.

He warned that if their concerns are not addressed and a solution to the problem is not given by January, these private busses would be removed from operations as they incur heavy losses due to the wastage of fuel in such congested situations which runs to around Rs. 3050 million.

He said before ministers dream about sky trains which is expected to be introduced by 2022, solutions should be provided to ease the current traffic congestion.

He said that despite their losses, the bus owners will not pull out their busses from service this month, taking into consideration children sitting for the O/L exams this month.