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Dec 13, 2017

Dazzling meteor shower tonight

If you are an avid stargazer, get ready to witness one of the best meteor shows of the year in Sri Lanka.

The Geminids meteor shower can be seen from Sri Lanka clearly at around midnight today, according to the Directress of the Sri Lanka Planetarium Priyanka Koralagama.

The meteor shower can be seen clearly between mid night and the early hours in the Western sky.

Koralagama said the annual meteor shower can be seen from Sri Lanka between December 7 and 17.

The Geminids meteor shower which is an annual occurrence and the Geminids meteor shower is made up of the debris shed by a weird, rocky asteroid called 3200 Phaethon, which has a comet-like orbit.

Therefore, this meteor shower can be seen from Earth each December when our planet passes through the trail of dusty debris shed by 3200 Phaethon.

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