Dec 16, 2017

Plan to import fertiliser paying 820 million extra Featured

The government is preparing to import 72,000 metric tons of Urea fertiliser to the country paying an additional $ 76 per metric ton, that the existing international market value.

Granular Urea is available in the international market at $ 240 per ton, but the government is trying to purchase the stock of 72,000 tons at the cost of $ 316 per ton.

According to reports the government is preparing to purchase this stock of fertiliser from a Dubai company Agri Commodities (Pvt) Ltd without calling for bids.

By this transaction the government will have to pay an additional $ 547,200 which amounts to over Rs. 820 million.

This stock of fertiliser will be imported by the Agriculture Ministry on behalf of the two state fertiliser companies.

It is also reported that the companies that have gained rights to import fertiliser to the country have lodged a complaint with the National Procurement Committee regarding this transaction.

It is also reported from many areas that farmers are facing an acute fertiliser shortage for paddy cultivation this season.