Jan 08, 2018

Consensus government successfully completes three years!

With the prime intention of establishing good governance and having committed themselves to building democracy, law and order, economic freedom and national unity, the leadership and Consensus Government gloriously celebrate their third year anniversary today (08).

The new government was established under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe subsequent to President Sirisena winning the Presidential election on January 08, 2015 based on the fundamentals of good governance.

Having uprooted the trend where the law was manipulated by a handful in power and the people were deprived of human rights, the good governance regime celebrates their third anniversary with the primary aim of fulfilling the people’s aspirations.

 Executive powers:

It was with the current President’s tenure that the process of delegating the powers of the Executive Presidency to the people and the parliament began and the process of reducing the powers of the President through the 19th Amendment.

During their three years term in office the good governance regime established over 20 special commissions with the aim of protecting human rights and empowering the people while during their 100 day programme, the government reduced the cost of living and established countrywide development.

They overcame the debt burden, natural disasters and gained the lost trust of the international community. And directed the country’s economy on a positive track. This three year journey will continue to bring more prosperity and peace to the country until 2020.

It was a great achievement that the Constitutional Assembly was established under the current Presidency, while it was a great victory for democracy to have many independent commissions established under it.

Commissions and electoral system:

Accordingly, the independent election commission, establishing of the state services commissions, national police commission, audit commission and the bribery and corruption commission, including the appointing of members to the finance commission were vested under the Constitutional Assembly ensuring transparency.

The good governance regime together with the President re-established the Proportional Representation (PR) and the First Past the Post (FPP) system, while accepting that the minor parties should not suffer injustice by it, is a huge blessing for the people of this country.