Jan 08, 2018

Births in Jaffna on the rise

Last year 5,746 births were recorded at the Jaffna Teaching hospital, according to its Director Dr. P. Sathyamoorthy.

He noted that in comparison to the previous years, 2017 had recorded a 12% rise in child births in Jaffna.

Pointing out that the hospital staff were content with the 1% still birth rate, Dr. Sathyamoorthy noted that if had not been for the spread of dengue and viral fever in the area, the health standard of the Jaffna population would have been very satisfactory. He said the development of high quality facilities at the hospital including the 1700 doctors and hospital staff who have dedicated their services for the benefit of the people, was instrumental in the upliftment of the health standard in Jaffna.

Dr. Sathyamoorthy further pointed out that around 900 – 1200 patients seek treatment from the Jaffna Teaching hospital on a daily basis, while around 2,200 attend the various clinics for treatment.