‘Ranil can dance & cry too’ ‘Ranil can dance & cry too’
Jan 09, 2018

Iranganie on PM’s jig with her Featured

A video that shows a dancing prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe together with senior actress Iranganie Serasinghe at a wedding has been widely shared in social media.

It has also drawn attention of the mainstream media, at a time when the PM and his UNP are under attack over the Central Bank bond scam.


Some of those who made comments find nothing wrong in the PM’s dancing with Iranganie, his aunt, but some denounce and ridicule him for that.

Speaking to BBC Sinhala Service the senior actress described the PM as a person as a normal man who could either laugh or cry.

Was it intentional?

Some say the video has brought good for the premier, and believe he has intentionally released it to social media.

Advertising expert Chinthana Dharmadasa said such could be considered as an act to divert attention.

However, he said he did not believe neither of the two main political parties had any farsightedness, adding that if they had such marketing qualities, stupidities seen in the country would not have taken place.

The video showed him as a man, diverting public displeasure over him over the bond sale or any other matter, he said.

Not lasting

Social media analyst Nalaka Gunawardena commented that topics that became trends lasted no more than 72 hours in social media.

However, that could not affect the public opinion as the people are more intelligent, according to him.

BBC Sinhala Service asks if such trends could contribute towards the furtherance of society, without stopping at merely being shared.