Jan 12, 2018

Lankan Tamil families seek Indian citizenship

There are 39,730 Sri Lankan Tamil families living as refugees in Tamil Nadu India of whom 7,200 have requested the Tamil Nadu officials to grant them Indian citizenship.

They said the reason that they are unable to return to the country is that their villages and lands they occupied prior to the war had been occupied by other parties, leaving them nowhere to go.

In an appeal made to the Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister Paneerselvam they further state that as their children are studying in Tamil Nadu and pursuing diplomas there, it would be hard for them to go back to Sri Lanka and find suitable employment.

They also stated that a large majority of the Sri Lankan refugees have joined the Tamil Nadu fishermen and are engaged in the fishing industry and employed at various factories.

In response, Paneerselvam had stated that he would discuss this matter with the Central Government and come up with a viable solution.

During the war around 300,000 Sri Lankans sought refuge in India, while only around 200,000 had returned to the country after the war ended.