Jan 12, 2018

China’s youngest millionaire too eyes Sri Lanka

China’s youngest millionaire Kai Siyoru has arrived in Sri Lanka with the intention of setting up a technical products factories.

Siyoru is the Chairman of Tatwo Company and several other organizations employing thousands of employees. However his intention is to expand his business beyond the Chinese territory and with that intention he had arrived in Sri Lanka on January 09.

Kai Siyoru is expected to remain in the country until January 13, being the latest millionair to visit the country to explore investment opportunities.

As a second line company to his Tatwo company, Kai Siyoro established the Jinrui company in 2015 while its main line of production is digital TV’s, Internet TV, mother boards and Internet set-up boxes. With the development and expansion of his company, Siyoru is exploring the possibility of establishing factories overseas.