Jan 12, 2018

Tourism Chairman asked to resign

Sri Lanka has failed to implement the Rs. 500 million digital tourism promotion campaign targeting travelers from Europe and Asia.

A high powered committee appointed by tourism development ministry secretary in May 2017 has not fulfilled its duties properly.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) Chairman Udaya Nanayakkara, was asked to resign from his post by 10 January 2018 in order issued by Minister John Amaratunga

The aim is to facilitate the immediate restructuring of the bureau in keeping with the twin requirements of good governance and a Tourism Strategic Plan 2020.

’My quest for restructuring required the resignation of Mr. Nanayakkara which was further necessitated by allegations pertaining to the non-adherence of financial regulations and internal management procedures within the SLTPB, he said.

The tourism development ministry secretary ha s been directed to disband this committee as it has not taken any action to launch the campaign and it has failed to make use of the useful promotional material left behind by the Mckinsey team of experts who worked on this sector

International consultant McKinsey, appointed as consultants in this regard, was assisting the authorities in the formulation of the Request for Proposals (RFPs) and the contract was to be awarded to the selected agency to handle the digital marketing campaign for Sri Lanka Tourism.

According to Tourism Development Minister John Amaratunga, the 2.5 million tourist arrival target will be missed by around 200,000 to 300,000 tourists and the achieving of the 2020 target of 4 million is also not possible.