Jan 13, 2018

I want to send a ‘Vedda’ to parliament – Vedda Chief Featured

The Vedda Chieftain Uruwarige Wannilaththo had told a weekend newspaper that in the future he intends to send a member of the Vedda community to parliament representing the Vedda community in Dambana.

He noted that within the current political system there is no one to stand up for the rights of the Vedda community, a minority indigenous group of people and fight for them and the problems they face, either within the Urban Councils, Municipal Councils, Pradeshiya Sabhas or the parliament. Hence, he said an educated member of his clan should enter politics and he had no objection against such a move.

Wannilaththo further noted that the wildlife laws had been so strictly enforced that it prevents them from entering the forest for their Chena cultivations or any other daily requirement.

He said in order to raise such issues before the government or any other establishment there should be a proper mechanism established.

The Vedda Chieftain said a female member representing their clan from Henanigala is contesting the upcoming Local Government election and if she emerges victorious it would certainly be a victory for the Vedda community.