Jan 14, 2018

A caretaker govt. if Maithri’s term is six years?

The Supreme Court is today (14) due to refer to president Maithripala Sirisena its determination with regard to the term of his presidency.

In the event the SC rules the term will be six years, the government will go for a probationary government following the local government polls, say president’s office sources.

Political affairs coordinator to the president Shiral Lakthilake has told a weekend newspaper that president Sirisena was of the view that a caretaker government should be appointed for at least two years to take the country out of its political mess.

The UNP-SLFP MoU for the unity government expired on December 31.

Meanwhile, website reports that a cabinet reshuffle is due following the mini-polls on February 10.

That will be done in view of the developments following the tabling in the House of the final report of the presidential commission that investigated the Central Bank bond sale.

The website also says the law and order ministry and the attorney general’s department which are under UNP’s Sagala Ratnayake will be taken over by the president too.