Jan 19, 2018

"Will not allow the North, East merger" - Rishad

Industries and Commerce Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said he would now allow the North and East to be merged for the security of the people and he would fight against such a conspiracy.

The minister made this comment yesterday (18) during the opening of the United National Front office in Mannar for the upcoming elections.

The minister further said, “The terrorist leader chased away all the Sinhala and Muslim people from the North east and the people suffered immensely for years. Having suffered for around 20 years, when these people went back to resettle, certain parties in the South began levelling numerous allegations. We will respond to all of them through this election.”

“We have carried out the duties entrusted to us by the President and Prime Minister with the greatest commitment and responsibility. We have transformed the institutions that were making losses in the past to those making profits today. Through this upcoming election we will show those who spread false rumours against us that we travelled on the right path and we did no wrong to anyone,” he said.