Jan 20, 2018

Prominent minister to be arrested over burglary! Featured

Despite the CID seeking the advice of the AG regarding the arrest of a prominent minister and a Chief inspector over the breaking into a house of a millionaire businessman in Colombo 07 and stealing billions worth of property, so far no response has been received by the AG.

The relevant minister had lost the elections but had obtained a ministerial position through the national list.

The billionaire businessman residing in Hewa Avenue in Cinnamon Gardens had in his will written all his wealth to the Medical College.

Having lived by himself, his body had been found several days after his death in 2011.

However, due to a tea trader in Kirulapone and a coconut trader claiming ownership to his property, a case was filed in Court.

Meanwhile, CID investigations have revealed that while security had been provided to the property by the Cinnamon Gardens Police, a prominent politician together with his wife had come to the house and taken away a jeep, antique furniture worth around Rs. 1.2 million, a bottle of vintage liquor worth around Rs. 1.2 million and several other items.

In addition, a senior officer of the Cinnamon Gardens Police had used the credit card of the dead businessman, K.C. Nadarajah and purchased goods amounting to millions.

The CID had obtained CCTV footage of the police officer purchasing goods from luxury goods stores through their investigations.

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