Jan 20, 2018

"Arrest Uva CM immediately”

The Principals unions collective Convenor Joseph Stalin urged the police to immediately arrest the Uva province Chief Minister for threatening and harassing the Principal of the Badulla Tamil Balika Vidyalaya.

He made this request today during a media briefing held at the Colombo ‘Guru Medura’ today (20).

He further stated that the Provincial Education Secretary should also be reprimanded for having allowed such harassment to take place demeaning the principal.

He urged the highest officer of the state service, the President’s Secretary to immediately take action regarding this incident.

Human Rights investigation

The Human Rights Council has commenced an investigation into this incident and they had already obtained a statement from the teacher who was subjected to this harassment.

The Human Rights Council stated that they intend to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident and issue a report in this regard.

The Uva Chief Minister had insulted and belittled the Principal for not honouring his letter of recommendation and admitting a child to the school.

The Principal revealed yesterday (19) that she had to kneel before the Chief Minister on January 02 and beg for forgiveness in the face of threats and insults levelled against her by the Chief Minister.

However, this Principal had earlier stated that she had not been threatened by the Chief Minister.

Bur during yesterday’s press briefing she said that she was forced to deny the incident earlier due to the threats of the Chief Minister.