Jan 25, 2018

‘Rajapaksas already punished for abducting Prageeth’ (video) Featured

Punishment has already been meted out to the Rajapaksas who had abducted Prageeth Ekneligoda eight years ago, says his wife Sandya.

They have been ousted from office and are now in a mentally-deranged condition, while Gotabhaya has fled the country, she told the media in Colombo today (25).

She was speaking during a beseeching of Goddesses Kali and Pattini in front of the Fort railway station.

Sandya Ekneligoda also said that the criminals were still hiding the truth about what had happened to her husband.

“The new king who obtained power from us by promising to find the truth is now protecting those criminals and hiding the truth,” she charged.

The Army that was responsible for the crime too, is involved in a cover-up, but it too, has been punished through various means, according to her.

Sandya added that the beseeching of the goddesses was intended at getting the criminals to make confessions and given stronger punishment.


Pugeeth 1
No politicians were present

Several families of missing persons attended the event that began in the morning and continued until 7.00 pm.

No politician was seen there.

After the CID informed courts that Army intelligence was behind Prageeth’s disappearance, several of its officers were arrested, remanded, but were subsequently released on bail.

The Army has not been cooperating in the investigation, the courts has been told.